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A Helping Hand… Eden Project – Orphanage and Agriculture

Eden Christian Academy
ECA is a Christian based home school education but besides offering education up to and including O levels, sport (such as football) is organised encouraged.  There is a “speaking English” class for 3 and 4 year olds which has been positively received by parents in the Doma area

This education academy also sent 13 students to the Zimbabwe Student Convention July 30th-August 4th. These students have been working for months on projects that include metal working, wood working, sewing, knitting, crocheting, dances, PowerPoint presentations, musical numbers and sports, including six-a-side soccer, volleyball, high jump, soccer kick, long jump, and lots of athletic events..

Eden Herbal Medical Clinic
The Clinic continues to tick along with busy “open” days where we are treating patients and busy preparation days where we are getting all the remedies ready for the patient days. Sometime facilities are home made and we are grateful to have medical interns assisting us from time to time. Some times we can’t heal everyone but can certainly improve their lives.


Herbal Specialist Spotlight
Angela came to Eden in 2004, 3 years after losing her husband to HIV, being left with 4 children and seeking God’s intervention and provision to preserve her life in dire need. Angela came to the recently opened Herbal Clinic at Eden and began working and increasing her herbal knowledge base under Judy Ervine’s tutelage. Not only has Angela been healed through her faith but she is helping treat others who have HIV and the devastating effects of the illness.  Due to the lack of funds Eden grows their own herbs and plants used for healing the children and the people of the local community – this includes Moringa, and many other natural healing and beneficial products.

Eden Farm
The harvest from the crops (soy beans and corns) has increased over the last few years and are overjoyed to report that a large irrigation project has been supplied by Rotary International. This project will dramatically increase Eden’s potential for sustainability and for maximum childcare potential. The drip irrigation scheme will allow Eden to grow food year round, not just in the rainy season, and will position the ministry to provide in a much more complete way for the entire year. To finish this project, we need to raise $7500 for the installation company to come and actually connect the infrastructure that’s been donated. Any support in assisting us to get the year route crop production scheme underway is hugely appreciated.

Agricultural Specialist Spotlight
Masiye i is one of our farm supervisors. He is responsible for supervising the field employees at work, allocating responsibilities and monitoring crop production. He is 42 years old. He started working here at Eden in September 2002 as a general agricultural hand and through his hard work and reliability he has now become a supervisor. He also has the job of caring for orphans, and he and his crew are absolutely vital to our success as a ministry.

Eden is financially stretched to the max, nearing a critical impasse. We have pared everything down to the bones, and we are still not able to function with the funds that are coming in due to factors such as aging equipment and structures (such as the blast freezer for storing food and the vehicle maintenance due to age, and stock feed and subsidising food for staff) and an assistance in any form is appreciated.  After 2 decades lives have been transformed however the ministry needs assistance to continue to assist the Doma community with managing the clinic, orphanage, school and farm.

Gods blessings.


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