Your journey, to anywhere on this planet, is special to you and needs extraordinary care and planning by proven travel professionals if you are going to be able to treasure the memories. Hayley Idensohn, with more than 20 years’ experience in THE most demanding sector of tourism, has gathered an extraordinary team at Travel Portfolio…. and we’d like to meet you.

Meet us online (www.travelportfolio.com) or, if you’re in Harare, pop in to our delightful offices at Arundel Village. There’s easy, shady parking outside our front door (next to Veldemeers) and we invite you to meet us in our palmed garden, perhaps over a cup of tea.

We offer both INBOUND and OUTBOUND solutions and will tailor-make your trips with heart-felt precision and, where required, creative flair. Here are some of the segments we operate in:
· Your family holidays….anywhere! In Zimbabwe; across Africa and to many special places in the world. Let us tantalize you with some jaw-dropping specials!
· Special occasions, such as weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, reunions and other celebrations.
· Business travel.
· We relish working on your special interest trips, such as Birding, Fishing, Boating, Cruising, Mountain Hiking, Self-drive, Wellness, Beach, Camping, exclusive safaris (like to track lions on foot in the wild?) or even sleeping under the stars in some wondrous locations.

We especially pride ourselves in our local knowledge of Africa (we’ve lived here all our lives) that has been the hallmark of our fine reputation in the industry.

Let’s Explore the Planet Together!