David King
After becoming a Chartered Accountant at the young age of 22, David spent 8 years working in merchant banks in London, UK. He spent most of his time in Risk Management for Credit Suisse. Since them his entrepreneurial interests have taken him from opening restaurants to CEO of several companies in South Africa, including the South Africa Sports & Arts Hall of Fame. From there, he and his family moved to Washington State, USA. Over the years of being in the USA, David has opened and operated some different types of businesses and developed an extensive array of competencies. Currently David is expanding his consulting business in Sarasota, Florida.

Bryony King

Bryony worked in HR and Training and Development in London, UK for Deutsche Bank and Lloyd’s of London for several years. She went to university in the USA and has a BA in Business Communications. She has been an active part of their entrepreneurial life involved in everything from running restaurants to HR and digital marketing for their many businesses. Today she has an active hand in all the businesses they manage. David and Bryony also have two lovely boys, ages 12 & 10, that keep them moving and on the go all the time.