Medical Tourism

There are many people worldwide sitting on endless medical waiting lists. Also, there are many with no health insurance. Now, people with no health insurance and those on medical waiting lists have another alternative: “international medical travel”. The international medical traveller receives first class care in an internationally accredited hospital with discounted prices.
People who are willing to travel for their medical and surgical needs will get almost immediate access to an endless list of quality, world class affordable medical, surgical, and dental procedures. The list of services include cardiac surgery, orthopaedic surgery, weight loss procedures, cancer treatments, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, medications, infertility treatments, stress reduction programs, neurosurgery, laparoscopic procedures, sex reassignment surgery, and so much more.
A combination of many factors has led to the recent increase in popularity of international medical travel: (1) rising costs of healthcare in industrialized nations; (2) ease and affordability of travel; (3) favourable currency exchange rates in the global economy; (4) rapidly improving technology; and (5) proven, superior internationally accredited standards of care that are now available in many countries.
Today, a larger percentage of people are uninsured, and many people worldwide are on endless waiting lists. The cost of treatment for medical or surgical procedures is often prohibitive and far beyond the average person’s ability to pay for it. Many people who need help can’t afford it. Our goal is to empower our clients so that they can make informed decisions to improve their health and quality of life.
The detailed, actual procedure cost quotation will be sent after having done a complete medical evaluation and assessment of your case by the international physician/surgeon, after receipt of your medical history.

Crusader Sports & Leisure Tours (Pvt) Ltd. (CSLT) understand the realities and complexities of traveling abroad for reasons of medical care, surgery, dental care and/or well-being. Planning and coordination, travel arrangements and personal attention are an integral part of the benefits provided by CSLT.
We have strong links with the best physicians and surgeons in Sri Lanka and with experienced and knowledgeable healthcare and hospitality professionals. We are dedicated to helping people who are considering the benefits of seeking more affordable medical procedures outside their homeland.
The prominent hospitals we work with provide the following services:
• Higher Quality Standards & Services
• Immediate Access – No Waiting Lists
• Concierge Customer Service Treatment
• Latest Technology & Research
• Comprehensive, Specific, Individual Full Prices
• Complete Procedure Lists